About US


My name is Aidan Wu.  Chess has been a passion of mine ever since I was young. Throughout my childhood, I have had countless hours of practice, have participated in many tournaments, and have represented my school in the school chess team. As an avid chess player, I feel that it is my duty to make this game more known and allow others to play and enjoy it as well.




My name is Jamison Kao and I have been playing chess since 4 years ago when my friend introduced me to it. I love chess because of the countless possibilities, patience and brainpower involved. I have won numerous tournaments, including but not limited to, 2021 Caissa Spring Rapid as U12 Champion,  2021 Hong Kong Junior Nationals 3rd place, Chess Academy Chess Open 2020 U11 2nd place, Hong Kong Interschool Chess Tournament 2019 Primary Division 3rd Runner-Up and more.


The reason why I am creating this charity chess club is because since the pandemic we had near to little tournaments that were over the board.  Moreover I would like to promote chess, my favorite activity to more children in Hong Kong.



My name is Zion Chiu.  I enjoy playing chess, because it can train my intelligence and even enhance it!  Especially the "cognitive power" which is very helpful to my academic studies.

 Daddy always tells me that playing chess can also train my character, like the 3P: Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance.  You have to be patient when you play a standard chess game like 90 minutes, and you need persistent training, and you learn perseverance when you lose but don't give up.

But of course the most encouraging thing is getting trophies and winning tournaments.