Rules and Regulation

1. The tournament will be played according to the FIDE ‘Laws of Chess’.

2. Players MUST HAVE a valid FIDE ID. If you do not have one, get one through your National Chess Federation before registering.

3. The Competition System will be 11 Round Swiss. Pairings will be done by computer system and no claim against them will be accepted, except a mistake when entering the results. Number of rounds or tournament format might change depending on the total number of players.  If sections with 8 or less players with either be Round Robin or combined in a mixed group section.

4. The Tournament will be FIDE Rapid (15M + 10s) rated, 

5. Players who are not present in the venue 15 minutes before the first round, won't be paired in that round even if they have paid the registration fee. Players who default a game without any notification to the Arbiter won't be paired in future rounds.

6. Players must write the correct result in the Game Result Slip that will be provided in every round. That slip should be signed. Once signed, the result will stay even if it's not correct.

7. Mobile phones must be switched off in the playing hall, with NO exceptions.

8. Tie-breaks: (1) Direct Encounter (2) Buchholz Cut 1 (3) Greater Number of Wins (4) Sonneborn Berger Score.  (If the above is insufficient then they shall be declared Joint Champoins)

9. Awards for the top 6 players and top women player for each category (Open, U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8).